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Licentiaat vertaalster  -  MA tolk  -  gecertificeerd sociaal tolk 

Licentiate translator   -  Interpreter MA   -   Certified community interpreter

Do you need a translator or an interpreter?

It is our pleasure to introduce De Letterfabriek Vertalingen to you

Graduated as a licentiate-translator at the Hoger Instituut voor Vertalers en Tolken (Higher Institute for Translators and Interpreters) in Antwerp, one semester of Slavonic studies at the University of Hamburg (D) as well as many years of profound contacts with the English and German language vouch for accurate and reliable translations. Translations are possible from and into both languages.

At a later stage I graduated at the Artesis Hogeschool, department Translators and Interpreters, in Antwerp as a Master Interpreter in the English and German languages, which allows me to assist you in many fields by offering you oral translations from and into both English and German. These interpretations can take place on site as well as by telephone.

As a free-lance sworn translator (German) and interpreter (German and English) my expertise lies in the fields of legal interpretations and translations, in (mental) health care, youth care and child protection. However, interpretations and translations are not limited to these fields only, because 

thorough preparation opens the doors to many other fields

Interpreting and translating are areas made to measure. That is the reason that I do not offer standard rates. Every request is valued at its merits and together we determine what is needed or required. In that way we find a solution and a price that fits your order.

The translations from English and German into Dutch and from Dutch into English and German are labeled with different price tags.

Consecutive interpreting is both from and into the other foreign language. Again, for these orders we discuss with you what your wishes and requirements are and in so doing determine the tailor-made price. Every order requires a special working method and if necessary I can offer you a price for one day or more.

In short: do you need a large or smaller translation or a short or long interpreting session: you have come to the right place.

Curious? It will be a pleasure to meet you, so contact us by e-mail, telephone or Skype and ask for the possibilities and prices. The information will be sent to you quickly. The contact details can be found on the homepage.

Other (European) languages are possible as well thanks to the colleagues in the network.

Sworn interpreter German and English

Sworn translator German

Certified Community Interpreter

Registration Rbtv: Wbtv-nr: 3557

Member NGTV

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam 24455247

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